Distance Calculator

Distance calculator is a tool for calculating distance between cities or places on map. Please write the origin and destination city name, choose the distance unit and press calculate. You can change the unit of distance any time you want, to miles, kilometers or meters.

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Distance Calculation Introduction

The distance value in red color indicates the air (flying) distance, also known as great circle distance.
The distance value in blue color color indicates the driving distance, calculated in both kilometers and miles.

As you start to write the name of a city or place, distance calculator will suggest you place names automatically, you may choose from them to calculate distance. You can also list the countries and the cities in them, to calculate the distance between cities.

Start Location: is the starting point of route, where the distance calculation start from, origin city or place name.
End Location: is the end point of route, where the distance calculation end, destination city or place name.
Distance Unit: is the unit of distance, you can choose kilometers, miles or meters. Calculator will immediately calculate with selected distance unit.
Kilometers (km): is the unit of length equal to 1000 meters or 0.62137 miles.
Miles (mi): is also the unit of length which is rarely used and is equal to 1.60934 kilometers.

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