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Distance Between Philippines Cities

Distance from Philippines to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 15 major city distances are calculated in Philippines country. The GPS coordinates of Philippines is 12° 52´ 46.9956'' N and 121° 46´ 26.4612'' E. Some of the leading cities of Philippines are Manila, Davao, Cebu City.

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Distances of Philippines Cities

List of Philippines cities with distance in kilometers.
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Manila to Davao978 km
Cebu City to Cagayan de Oro220 km
Iloilo to Calamba419 km
Butuan to Baguio989 km
Pagadian to Legaspi591 km
Cotabato to Koronadal104 km
Tuguegarao City to San Fernando186 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Philippines

Distance from Philippines to the nearest countries.
The distance between Philippines and the nearest country Taiwan is 1206 km.

CountryDistance to Philippines
Taiwan1206 km
Brunei1208 km
Hong Kong1333 km
Macao1354 km
Vietnam1465 km
Palau1523 km
Indonesia1749 km
Cambodia1820 km
Laos2196 km

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