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Distance Between Italy Cities

Distance from Italy to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 20 major city distances are calculated in Italy country. The GPS coordinates of Italy is 41° 52´ 18.9876'' N and 12° 34´ 2.5680'' E. Some of the leading cities of Italy are Rome, Milano, Napoli.

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Distances of Italy Cities

List of Italy cities with distance in kilometers.
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Rome to Milano479 km
Napoli to Turin710 km
Palermo to Genoa791 km
Bologna to Florence80 km
Bari to Trieste561 km
Cagliari to Perugia511 km
Ancona to Trento333 km
Catanzaro to Potenza207 km
Venice to Campobasso470 km
L'Aquila to Aosta615 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Italy

Distance from Italy to the nearest countries.
The distance between Italy and the nearest country Vatican is 10 km.

CountryDistance to Italy
Vatican10 km
San Marino230 km
Croatia417 km
Monaco468 km
Bosnia and Herzegovina474 km
Slovenia514 km
Montenegro567 km
Liechtenstein635 km
Albania638 km

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