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Distance Between Japan Cities

Distance from Japan to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 47 major city distances are calculated in Japan country. The GPS coordinates of Japan is 36° 12´ 17.3628'' N and 138° 15´ 10.5480'' E. Some of the leading cities of Japan are Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka-shi.

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Distances of Japan Cities

List of Japan cities with distance in kilometers.
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Tokyo to Yokohama27 km
Osaka-shi to Nagoya-shi139 km
Sapporo to Kobe1072 km
Kyoto to Fukuoka-shi515 km
Saitama to Hiroshima-shi675 km
Sendai-shi to Chiba304 km
Shizuoka-shi to Kumamoto750 km
Okayama-shi to Kagoshima-shi467 km
Niigata-shi to Kanazawa-shi257 km
Utsunomiya-shi to Oita840 km
Matsuyama to Nagasaki-shi295 km
Gifu-shi to Nara-shi120 km
Nagano-shi to Wakayama-shi384 km
Kochi-shi to Takamatsu-shi99 km
Akita Shi to Toyama-shi420 km
Miyazaki-shi to Naha-shi730 km
Aomori Shi to Otsu-shi775 km
Morioka-shi to Fukushima-shi225 km
Maebashi-shi to Tokushima-shi484 km
Yamagata-shi to Fukui-shi439 km
Mito-shi to Kofu-shi185 km
Saga-shi to Tsu-shi596 km
Matsue-shi to Tottori107 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Japan

Distance from Japan to the nearest countries.
The distance between Japan and the nearest country South Korea is 943 km.

CountryDistance to Japan
South Korea943 km

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