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Distance Between Sweden Cities

Distance from Sweden to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 21 major city distances are calculated in Sweden country. The GPS coordinates of Sweden is 60° 7´ 41.3832'' N and 18° 38´ 36.6036'' E. Some of the leading cities of Sweden are Stockholm, Goeteborg, Malmoe.

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Distances of Sweden Cities

List of Sweden cities with distance in kilometers.
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Stockholm to Goeteborg397 km
Malmoe to Uppsala547 km
Vasteras to Orebro85 km
Linkoping to Jonkoping111 km
Umea to Gavle386 km
Vaexjoe to Karlstad289 km
Halmstad to Lulea1107 km
Ostersund to Falun291 km
Kalmar to Karlskrona73 km
Nykoping to Visby145 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Sweden

Distance from Sweden to the nearest countries.
The distance between Sweden and the nearest country Aland Islands is 71 km.

CountryDistance to Sweden
Aland Islands71 km
Estonia399 km
Finland431 km
Latvia500 km
Norway561 km
Lithuania633 km
Denmark686 km
Belarus909 km
Poland913 km

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