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Distance Between Norway Cities

Distance from Norway to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 16 major city distances are calculated in Norway country. The GPS coordinates of Norway is 60° 28´ 19.2828'' N and 8° 28´ 8.2056'' E. Some of the leading cities of Norway are Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim.

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Distances of Norway Cities

List of Norway cities with distance in kilometers.
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Oslo to Bergen305 km
Trondheim to Stavanger555 km
Drammen to Kristiansand218 km
Tromso to Skien1241 km
Tonsberg to Moss23 km
Bodo to Arendal1020 km
Hamar to Steinkjer359 km
Lillehammer to Molde250 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Norway

Distance from Norway to the nearest countries.
The distance between Norway and the nearest country Denmark is 472 km.

CountryDistance to Norway
Denmark472 km
Sweden561 km
Aland Islands630 km
Faroe Islands837 km
United Kingdom900 km
Finland937 km
Netherlands948 km
Estonia953 km

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