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Distance Between Finland Cities

Distance from Finland to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 18 major city distances are calculated in Finland country. The GPS coordinates of Finland is 61° 55´ 26.7960'' N and 25° 44´ 53.3472'' E. Some of the leading cities of Finland are Helsinki, Tampere, Turku.

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Distances of Finland Cities

List of Finland cities with distance in kilometers.
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Helsinki to Tampere160 km
Turku to Oulu533 km
Lahti to Kuopio237 km
Jyvaeskylae to Pori223 km
Lappeenranta to Vaasa410 km
Joensuu to Haemeenlinna331 km
Mikkeli to Kokkola319 km
Kajaani to Rovaniemi269 km
Seinaejoki to Kouvola295 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Finland

Distance from Finland to the nearest countries.
The distance between Finland and the nearest country Aland Islands is 369 km.

CountryDistance to Finland
Aland Islands369 km
Estonia372 km
Sweden431 km
Latvia565 km
Lithuania759 km
Belarus923 km
Norway937 km

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