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Distance Between Switzerland Cities

Distance from Switzerland to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 17 major city distances are calculated in Switzerland country. The GPS coordinates of Switzerland is 46° 49´ 5.4768'' N and 8° 13´ 39.0432'' E. Some of the leading cities of Switzerland are Zurich, Geneve, Basel.

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Distances of Switzerland Cities

List of Switzerland cities with distance in kilometers.
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Zurich to Geneve224 km
Basel to Bern69 km
Lausanne to Sankt Gallen231 km
Luzern to Schaffhausen76 km
Fribourg to Chur181 km
Neuchatel to Sitten91 km
Zug to Frauenfeld52 km
Bellinzona to Aarau153 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Switzerland

Distance from Switzerland to the nearest countries.
The distance between Switzerland and the nearest country Liechtenstein is 108 km.

CountryDistance to Switzerland
Liechtenstein108 km
Monaco348 km
Luxembourg368 km
San Marino460 km
France465 km
Austria484 km
Belgium494 km
Germany510 km
Slovenia523 km

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