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Distance Between Iraq Cities

Distance from Iraq to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 18 major city distances are calculated in Iraq country. The GPS coordinates of Iraq is 33° 13´ 23.4840'' N and 43° 40´ 45.4476'' E. Some of the leading cities of Iraq are Baghdad, Al Basrah, Mosul.

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Distances of Iraq Cities

List of Iraq cities with distance in kilometers.
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Baghdad to Al Basrah447 km
Mosul to Erbil81 km
As Sulaymaniyah to Kirkuk95 km
An Najaf to Karbala72 km
An Nasiriyah to Al `Amarah121 km
Ad Diwaniyah to Al Kut102 km
Al Hillah to Dihok507 km
Ramadi to As Samawah298 km
Baqubah to Tikrit131 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Iraq

Distance from Iraq to the nearest countries.
The distance between Iraq and the nearest country Syria is 466 km.

CountryDistance to Iraq
Syria466 km
Kuwait565 km
Lebanon728 km
Jordan761 km
Armenia771 km
Palestinian Territory797 km
Azerbaijan844 km
Israel865 km
Iran939 km

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