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Distance Between Syria Cities

Distance from Syria to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 13 major city distances are calculated in Syria country. The GPS coordinates of Syria is 34° 48´ 7.4664'' N and 38° 59´ 48.5340'' E. Some of the leading cities of Syria are Aleppo, Damascus, Homs.

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Distances of Syria Cities

List of Syria cities with distance in kilometers.
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Aleppo to Damascus310 km
Homs to Hamah45 km
Latakia to Deir ez-Zor395 km
Ar Raqqah to Idlib214 km
Dar'a to Tartouss253 km
Al Hasakah to As Suwayda'569 km
Al Qunaytirah

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Syria

Distance from Syria to the nearest countries.
The distance between Syria and the nearest country Lebanon is 306 km.

CountryDistance to Syria
Lebanon306 km
Iraq466 km
Palestinian Territory467 km
Cyprus509 km
Jordan535 km
Israel569 km
Turkey570 km
Armenia792 km
Georgia917 km

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