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Distance from Rabat to MeteOlot

Distance between Rabat and MeteOlot is 1219 kilometers (758 miles).

air 1219 km
air 758 miles
car 0 km
car 0 miles

Distance Map Between Rabat and MeteOlot

Rabat, MoroccoMeteOlot, Barcelona, Spain = 758 miles = 1219 km.

How far is it between Rabat and MeteOlot

Rabat is located in Morocco with (34.0133,-6.8326) coordinates and MeteOlot is located in Spain with (42.1854,2.4881) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Rabat to MeteOlot is equal to 758 miles which is equal to 1219 km.

City/PlaceLatitude and LongitudeGPS Coordinates
Rabat 34.0133, -6.8326 34° 0´ 47.7000'' N
6° 49´ 57.1800'' W
MeteOlot 42.1854, 2.4881 42° 11´ 7.4040'' N
2° 29´ 16.9800'' E
Rabat, Morocco

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MeteOlot, Barcelona, Spain

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