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Distance Between Laos Cities

Distance from Laos to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 9 major city distances are calculated in Laos country. The GPS coordinates of Laos is 19° 51´ 22.5720'' N and 102° 29´ 43.7964'' E. Some of the leading cities of Laos are Vientiane, Pakxe, Savannakhet.

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Distances of Laos Cities

List of Laos cities with distance in kilometers.
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Vientiane to Pakxe465 km
Savannakhet to Louangphabang461 km
Xam Nua to Muang Phonsavan138 km
Thakhek to Muang Xay472 km
Muang Pakxan

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Laos

Distance from Laos to the nearest countries.
The distance between Laos and the nearest country Thailand is 471 km.

CountryDistance to Laos
Thailand471 km
Myanmar717 km
Cambodia853 km
Vietnam891 km

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