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Distance Between Nicaragua Cities

Distance from Nicaragua to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 16 major city distances are calculated in Nicaragua country. The GPS coordinates of Nicaragua is 12° 51´ 55.4976'' N and 85° 12´ 26.0280'' W. Some of the leading cities of Nicaragua are Managua, Leon, Masaya.

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Distances of Nicaragua Cities

List of Nicaragua cities with distance in kilometers.
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Managua to Leon76 km
Masaya to Chinandega134 km
Matagalpa to Esteli51 km
Granada to Juigalpa67 km
Jinotega to Bluefields271 km
Ocotal to Puerto Cabezas336 km
Rivas to Jinotepe61 km
Boaco to Somoto150 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Nicaragua

Distance from Nicaragua to the nearest countries.
The distance between Nicaragua and the nearest country Honduras is 283 km.

CountryDistance to Nicaragua
Honduras283 km
Costa Rica381 km
El Salvador412 km
Belize597 km
Guatemala631 km
Panama682 km
Cayman Islands832 km

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