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Distance Between Guatemala Cities

Distance from Guatemala to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 21 major city distances are calculated in Guatemala country. The GPS coordinates of Guatemala is 15° 47´ 0.4956'' N and 90° 13´ 50.7324'' W. Some of the leading cities of Guatemala are Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango, Escuintla.

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Distances of Guatemala Cities

List of Guatemala cities with distance in kilometers.
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Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango110 km
Escuintla to Chimaltenango40 km
Huehuetenango to Totonicapan47 km
Puerto Barrios to Coban192 km
Jalapa to Solola129 km
Mazatenango to Chiquimula213 km
Salama to Antigua Guatemala75 km
Retalhuleu to Zacapa236 km
Jutiapa to San Marcos218 km
Santa Cruz del Quiche to Flores249 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Guatemala

Distance from Guatemala to the nearest countries.
The distance between Guatemala and the nearest country Belize is 242 km.

CountryDistance to Guatemala
Belize242 km
El Salvador264 km
Honduras432 km
Nicaragua631 km
Costa Rica971 km

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