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Shizuoka-shi Distances

Shizuoka-shi city is located in Japan at the 34.977, 138.3831 coordinates. Distance from Shizuoka-shi to cities are listed below, also there are 21 sub cities within Shizuoka-shi, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Shizuoka-shi to Tokyo 143 km, to Yokohama 126 km, to Osaka-shi 265 km. The green marker indicates the location of Shizuoka-shi.

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Distance Between Shizuoka-shi and Cities

List of distances from Shizuoka-shi to Japan cities.

CityDistance to Shizuoka-shi
Shizuoka-shi to Tokyo143 km
Shizuoka-shi to Yokohama126 km
Osaka-shi to Shizuoka-shi265 km
Nagoya-shi to Shizuoka-shi136 km
Sapporo to Shizuoka-shi935 km
Kobe to Shizuoka-shi294 km
Kyoto to Shizuoka-shi240 km
Fukuoka-shi to Shizuoka-shi747 km
Saitama to Shizuoka-shi155 km
Hiroshima-shi to Shizuoka-shi545 km
Sendai-shi to Shizuoka-shi428 km
Chiba to Shizuoka-shi173 km
Kumamoto to Shizuoka-shi750 km
Okayama-shi to Shizuoka-shi408 km
Kagoshima-shi to Shizuoka-shi820 km
Niigata-shi to Shizuoka-shi330 km
Kanazawa-shi to Shizuoka-shi240 km
Shizuoka-shi to Utsunomiya-shi223 km
Oita to Shizuoka-shi652 km
Matsuyama to Shizuoka-shi531 km
Nagasaki-shi to Shizuoka-shi824 km
Gifu-shi to Shizuoka-shi156 km
Nara-shi to Shizuoka-shi238 km
Nagano-shi to Shizuoka-shi187 km
Wakayama-shi to Shizuoka-shi306 km
Kochi-shi to Shizuoka-shi473 km
Shizuoka-shi to Takamatsu-shi403 km
Akita Shi to Shizuoka-shi549 km
Shizuoka-shi to Toyama-shi218 km
Miyazaki-shi to Shizuoka-shi730 km
Naha-shi to Shizuoka-shi1412 km
Aomori Shi to Shizuoka-shi682 km
Otsu-shi to Shizuoka-shi229 km
Morioka-shi to Shizuoka-shi580 km
Fukushima-shi to Shizuoka-shi360 km
Maebashi-shi to Shizuoka-shi169 km
Shizuoka-shi to Tokushima-shi365 km
Yamagata-shi to Shizuoka-shi404 km
Fukui-shi to Shizuoka-shi230 km
Mito-shi to Shizuoka-shi240 km
Kofu-shi to Shizuoka-shi78 km
Saga-shi to Shizuoka-shi768 km
Shizuoka-shi to Tsu-shi173 km
Matsue-shi to Shizuoka-shi487 km
Shizuoka-shi to Tottori381 km
Shizuoka-shi to Yamaguchi-shi639 km
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