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Partinico Distances

Partinico is located in Palermo city, Italy at the 38.0482, 13.1192 coordinates. Distance from Partinico to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Partinico to Catania 182 km, to Messina 213 km, to Siracusa 218 km. The green marker indicates the location of Partinico.

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Distance Between Partinico and Cities

List of distances from Partinico to Italy cities.

CityDistance to Partinico
Catania to Partinico182 km
Messina to Partinico213 km
Partinico to Siracusa218 km
Marsala to Partinico58 km
Gela to Partinico146 km
Partinico to Ragusa190 km
Partinico to Trapani51 km
Caltanissetta to Partinico103 km
Bagheria to Partinico35 km
Partinico to Vittoria174 km
Acireale to Partinico186 km
Partinico to Paterno166 km
Mazara del Vallo to Partinico64 km
Misterbianco to Partinico178 km
Alcamo to Partinico16 km
Modica to Partinico197 km
Partinico to Sciacca60 km
Licata to Partinico127 km
Caltagirone to Partinico154 km
Carini to Partinico13 km
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto to Partinico184 km
Adrano to Partinico157 km
Canicatti to Partinico100 km
Agrigento to Partinico90 km
Favara to Partinico94 km
Milazzo to Partinico186 km
Augusta to Partinico206 km
Mascalucia to Partinico176 km
Avola to Partinico219 km
Castelvetrano to Partinico50 km
Niscemi to Partinico151 km
Gravina di Catania to Partinico179 km
Comiso to Partinico178 km
Aci Catena to Partinico184 km
Giarre to Partinico184 km
Lentini to Partinico186 km
Casa Santa to Partinico50 km
Biancavilla to Partinico160 km
Enna to Partinico116 km
Partinico to Termini Imerese51 km
Palma di Montechiaro to Partinico111 km
Floridia to Partinico209 km
Partinico to San Cataldo99 km
Partinico to San Giovanni la Punta181 km
Monreale to Partinico16 km
Pachino to Partinico229 km
Partinico to Rosolini211 km
Misilmeri to Partinico29 km
Partinico to Villabate29 km
Noto to Partinico215 km
Bronte to Partinico153 km
Partinico to Pozzallo212 km
Partinico to Piazza Armerina132 km
Partinico to Ribera63 km
Aci Castello to Partinico186 km
Partinico to Scordia173 km
Partinico to Porto Empedocle91 km
Belpasso to Partinico171 km
Palagonia to Partinico164 km
Partinico to Scicli198 km
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