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Distance from Lahore to Halvad

Distance between Lahore and Halvad is 999 kilometers (621 miles).

air 999 km
air 621 miles
car 0 km
car 0 miles

Distance Map Between Lahore and Halvad

Lahore, PakistanHalvad, Ghandinagar, India = 621 miles = 999 km.

How far is it between Lahore and Halvad

Lahore is located in Pakistan with (31.5497,74.3436) coordinates and Halvad is located in India with (23.0152,71.1803) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Lahore to Halvad is equal to 621 miles which is equal to 999 km.

City/PlaceLatitude and LongitudeGPS Coordinates
Lahore 31.5497, 74.3436 31° 32´ 58.9920'' N
74° 20´ 36.9960'' E
Halvad 23.0152, 71.1803 23° 0´ 54.5760'' N
71° 10´ 49.0440'' E
Lahore, Pakistan

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Halvad, Ghandinagar, India

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