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Distance from Changqing to Hanting

Distance between Changqing and Hanting is 223 kilometers (138 miles).

air 223 km
air 138 miles
car 0 km
car 0 miles

Distance Map Between Changqing and Hanting

Changqing, Jinan, ChinaHanting, Jinan, China = 138 miles = 223 km.

How far is it between Changqing and Hanting

Changqing is located in China with (36.5575,116.7272) coordinates and Hanting is located in China with (36.7708,119.2108) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Changqing to Hanting is equal to 138 miles which is equal to 223 km.

City/PlaceLatitude and LongitudeGPS Coordinates
Changqing 36.5575, 116.7272 36° 33´ 27.0000'' N
116° 43´ 37.9920'' E
Hanting 36.7708, 119.2108 36° 46´ 14.9880'' N
119° 12´ 38.9880'' E
Changqing, Jinan, China

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Hanting, Jinan, China

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