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Distance from Beringen to Diest

Distance between Beringen and Diest is 14 kilometers (9 miles).

air 14 km
air 9 miles
car 0 km
car 0 miles

Distance Map Between Beringen and Diest

Beringen, , BelgiumDiest, , Belgium = 9 miles = 14 km.

How far is it between Beringen and Diest

Beringen is located in Belgium with (51.0495,5.2261) coordinates and Diest is located in Belgium with (50.9892,5.0506) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Beringen to Diest is equal to 9 miles which is equal to 14 km.

City/PlaceLatitude and LongitudeGPS Coordinates
Beringen 51.0495, 5.2261 51° 2´ 58.3440'' N
5° 13´ 33.8160'' E
Diest 50.9892, 5.0506 50° 59´ 21.2280'' N
5° 3´ 2.2320'' E
Beringen, , Belgium

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Diest, , Belgium

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