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Distance Between Yemen Cities

Distance from Yemen to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 16 major city distances are calculated in Yemen country. The GPS coordinates of Yemen is 15° 33´ 9.8172'' N and 48° 30´ 58.9968'' E. Some of the leading cities of Yemen are Sanaa, Al Hudaydah, Ta`izz.

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Distances of Yemen Cities

List of Yemen cities with distance in kilometers.
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Sanaa to Al Hudaydah148 km
Ta`izz to Aden141 km
Al Mukalla to Ibb536 km
Dhamar to 'Amran134 km
Sa'dah to Hajjah140 km
Al Bayda' to Ataq149 km
Lahij to Zinjibar55 km
Al Hazm to Ma'rib98 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Yemen

Distance from Yemen to the nearest countries.
The distance between Yemen and the nearest country Djibouti is 763 km.

CountryDistance to Yemen
Djibouti763 km
Eritrea937 km
Saudi Arabia994 km

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