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Distance Between Uruguay Cities

Distance from Uruguay to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 19 major city distances are calculated in Uruguay country. The GPS coordinates of Uruguay is 32° 31´ 22.0008'' S and 55° 45´ 57.0060'' W. Some of the leading cities of Uruguay are Montevideo, Salto, Paysandu.

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Distances of Uruguay Cities

List of Uruguay cities with distance in kilometers.
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Montevideo to Salto425 km
Paysandu to Rivera286 km
Maldonado to Tacuarembo365 km
Melo to Mercedes373 km
Artigas to Minas457 km
San Jose de Mayo to Durazno105 km
Florida to Treinta y Tres195 km
Rocha to Fray Bentos396 km
Colonia del Sacramento to Trinidad136 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Uruguay

Distance from Uruguay to the nearest countries.
The distance between Uruguay and the nearest country Argentina is 966 km.

CountryDistance to Uruguay
Argentina966 km

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