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Distance Between New Zealand Cities

Distance from New Zealand to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 14 major city distances are calculated in New Zealand country. The GPS coordinates of New Zealand is 40° 54´ 2.0088'' S and 174° 53´ 9.4956'' E. Some of the leading cities of New Zealand are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch.

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Distances of New Zealand Cities

List of New Zealand cities with distance in kilometers.
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Auckland to Wellington491 km
Christchurch to Hamilton677 km
Dunedin to Palmerston North740 km
Nelson to Napier366 km
Whangarei to New Plymouth371 km
Invercargill to Gisborne1168 km
Blenheim to Whakatane473 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to New Zealand

Distance from New Zealand to the nearest countries.
The distance between New Zealand and the nearest country Norfolk Island is 1463 km.

CountryDistance to New Zealand
Norfolk Island1463 km
Tonga2384 km
New Caledonia2389 km
Fiji2596 km
Niue2829 km
Vanuatu2939 km
Wallis and Futuna3035 km
Cook Islands3234 km
American Samoa3270 km

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