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Distance Between Libya Cities

Distance from Libya to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 19 major city distances are calculated in Libya country. The GPS coordinates of Libya is 26° 20´ 6.3600'' N and 17° 13´ 41.9916'' E. Some of the leading cities of Libya are Tripoli, Benghazi, Misratah.

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Distances of Libya Cities

List of Libya cities with distance in kilometers.
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Tripoli to Benghazi651 km
Misratah to Al Khums84 km
Az Zawiyah to Ajdabiya743 km
Sabha to Sirte509 km
Tobruk to Al Marj299 km
Gharyan to Darnah904 km
Al Bayda' to Zuwarah903 km
Murzuq to Awbari136 km
Nalut to Ghat772 km

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The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Libya

Distance from Libya to the nearest countries.
The distance between Libya and the nearest country Malta is 1102 km.

CountryDistance to Libya
Malta1102 km
Tunisia1118 km
Chad1220 km
Egypt1350 km
Niger1352 km
Greece1480 km
Algeria1550 km
Albania1670 km
Macedonia1748 km