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Distance Between Kosovo Cities

Distance from Kosovo to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 20 major city distances are calculated in Kosovo country. The GPS coordinates of Kosovo is 42° 36´ 9.4824'' N and 20° 54´ 10.7172'' E. Some of the leading cities of Kosovo are Pristina, Prizren, Mitrovice.

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Distances of Kosovo Cities

List of Kosovo cities with distance in kilometers.
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Pristina to Prizren62 km
Mitrovice to Gjakove66 km
Peje to Suva Reka55 km
Ferizaj to Glogovac36 km
Gjilan to Decan97 km
Vitina to Istok88 km
Shtime to Dragash55 km
Podujeva to Vushtrri21 km
Orahovac to Leposaviq79 km
Zvecan to Kosovo Polje34 km

The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Kosovo

Distance from Kosovo to the nearest countries.
The distance between Kosovo and the nearest country Montenegro is 126 km.

CountryDistance to Kosovo
Montenegro126 km
Macedonia131 km
Serbia157 km
Albania172 km
Bosnia and Herzegovina299 km
Bulgaria375 km
Greece400 km
Romania492 km
Hungary519 km

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