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Uberaba Distances

Uberaba is located in Belo Horizonte city, Brazil at the -19.7483, -47.9319 coordinates. Distance from Uberaba to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Uberaba to Contagem 406 km, to Uberlandia 99 km, to Juiz de Fora 526 km. The green marker indicates the location of Uberaba.

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Distance Between Uberaba and Cities

List of distances from Uberaba to Brazil cities.

CityDistance to Uberaba
Contagem to Uberaba406 km
Uberaba to Uberlandia99 km
Juiz de Fora to Uberaba526 km
Ribeirao das Neves to Uberaba402 km
Betim to Uberaba391 km
Montes Claros to Uberaba545 km
Governador Valadares to Uberaba636 km
Santa Luzia to Uberaba427 km
Ipatinga to Uberaba566 km
Sete Lagoas to Uberaba387 km
Divinopolis to Uberaba322 km
Pocos de Caldas to Uberaba268 km
Ibirite to Uberaba406 km
Patos de Minas to Uberaba197 km
Barbacena to Uberaba463 km
Uberaba to Varginha329 km
Pouso Alegre to Uberaba345 km
Conselheiro Lafaiete to Uberaba444 km
Esmeraldas to Uberaba379 km
Teofilo Otoni to Uberaba708 km
Coronel Fabriciano to Uberaba556 km
Itabira to Uberaba493 km
Passos to Uberaba175 km
Uba to Uberaba542 km
Araguari to Uberaba125 km
Uberaba to Vespasiano420 km
Timoteo to Uberaba553 km
Muriae to Uberaba600 km
Nova Lima to Uberaba428 km
Ituiutaba to Uberaba182 km
Araxa to Uberaba105 km
Itajuba to Uberaba393 km
Lavras to Uberaba348 km
Sao Joao del Rei to Uberaba412 km
Itauna to Uberaba353 km
Para de Minas to Uberaba348 km
Joao Monlevade to Uberaba498 km
Patrocinio to Uberaba133 km
Alfenas to Uberaba279 km
Paracatu to Uberaba302 km
Uberaba to Vicosa539 km
Sao Sebastiao do Paraiso to Uberaba163 km
Curvelo to Uberaba384 km
Ouro Preto to Uberaba468 km
Tres Coracoes to Uberaba353 km
Cataguases to Uberaba575 km
Uberaba to Unai392 km
Caratinga to Uberaba606 km
Janauba to Uberaba657 km
Formiga to Uberaba273 km
Manhuacu to Uberaba619 km
Pirapora to Uberaba413 km
Pedro Leopoldo to Uberaba407 km
Congonhas to Uberaba433 km
Ponte Nova to Uberaba530 km
Guaxupe to Uberaba215 km
Campo Belo to Uberaba305 km
Leopoldina to Uberaba585 km
Mariana to Uberaba477 km
Monte Carmelo to Uberaba123 km
Tres Pontas to Uberaba310 km
Lagoa da Prata to Uberaba252 km
Santos Dumont to Uberaba494 km
Sao Lourenco to Uberaba398 km
Frutal to Uberaba110 km
Bom Despacho to Uberaba280 km
Itabirito to Uberaba435 km
Lagoa Santa to Uberaba422 km
Nanuque to Uberaba825 km
Diamantina to Uberaba485 km
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