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Ubach-Palenberg Distances

Ubach-Palenberg is located in Dusseldorf city, Germany at the 50.9333, 6.1167 coordinates. Distance from Ubach-Palenberg to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Übach-Palenberg to Koeln 58 km, to Essen 85 km, to Dortmund 114 km. The green marker indicates the location of Übach-Palenberg.

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Distance Between Ubach-Palenberg and Cities

List of distances from Übach-Palenberg to Germany cities.

CityDistance to Ubach-Palenberg
Koeln to Ubach-Palenberg58 km
Essen to Ubach-Palenberg85 km
Dortmund to Ubach-Palenberg114 km
Duisburg to Ubach-Palenberg72 km
Bochum to Ubach-Palenberg98 km
Bochum-Hordel to Ubach-Palenberg97 km
Ubach-Palenberg to Wuppertal82 km
Bielefeld to Ubach-Palenberg207 km
Bonn to Ubach-Palenberg72 km
Muenster to Ubach-Palenberg155 km
Gelsenkirchen to Ubach-Palenberg95 km
Aachen to Ubach-Palenberg18 km
Monchengladbach to Ubach-Palenberg36 km
Krefeld to Ubach-Palenberg56 km
Oberhausen to Ubach-Palenberg80 km
Hagen to Ubach-Palenberg106 km
Hamm to Ubach-Palenberg145 km
Herne to Ubach-Palenberg102 km
Muelheim (Ruhr) to Ubach-Palenberg77 km
Solingen to Ubach-Palenberg73 km
Leverkusen to Ubach-Palenberg62 km
Neuss to Ubach-Palenberg49 km
Paderborn to Ubach-Palenberg203 km
Recklinghausen to Ubach-Palenberg107 km
Bottrop to Ubach-Palenberg87 km
Remscheid to Ubach-Palenberg80 km
Moers to Ubach-Palenberg68 km
Siegen to Ubach-Palenberg134 km
Bergisch Gladbach to Ubach-Palenberg71 km
Ubach-Palenberg to Witten103 km
Iserlohn to Ubach-Palenberg121 km
Guetersloh to Ubach-Palenberg191 km
Dueren to Ubach-Palenberg30 km
Ratingen to Ubach-Palenberg65 km
Marl to Ubach-Palenberg105 km
Lunen to Ubach-Palenberg124 km
Ubach-Palenberg to Velbert79 km
Minden to Ubach-Palenberg245 km
Dorsten to Ubach-Palenberg100 km
Luedenscheid to Ubach-Palenberg110 km
Castrop-Rauxel to Ubach-Palenberg108 km
Gladbeck to Ubach-Palenberg93 km
Arnsberg to Ubach-Palenberg146 km
Rheine to Ubach-Palenberg176 km
Ubach-Palenberg to Viersen41 km
Troisdorf to Ubach-Palenberg74 km
Bocholt to Ubach-Palenberg106 km
Detmold to Ubach-Palenberg221 km
Dinslaken to Ubach-Palenberg82 km
Lippstadt to Ubach-Palenberg175 km
Ubach-Palenberg to Unna128 km
Herten to Ubach-Palenberg103 km
Herford to Ubach-Palenberg220 km
Grevenbroich to Ubach-Palenberg37 km
Kerpen to Ubach-Palenberg41 km
Dormagen to Ubach-Palenberg53 km
Bergheim to Ubach-Palenberg37 km
Ubach-Palenberg to Wesel89 km
Langenfeld to Ubach-Palenberg61 km
Stolberg to Ubach-Palenberg19 km
Menden to Ubach-Palenberg129 km
Hattingen to Ubach-Palenberg91 km
Hilden to Ubach-Palenberg63 km
Sankt Augustin to Ubach-Palenberg78 km
Eschweiler to Ubach-Palenberg17 km
Ahlen to Ubach-Palenberg154 km
Bad Salzuflen to Ubach-Palenberg222 km
Euskirchen to Ubach-Palenberg56 km
Meerbusch to Ubach-Palenberg53 km
Hurth to Ubach-Palenberg53 km
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