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Tubarao Distances

Tubarao is located in Florianopolis city, Brazil at the -28.4667, -49.0069 coordinates. Distance from Tubarao to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Tubarão to Joinville 241 km, to Blumenau 172 km, to Sao Jose 32 km. The green marker indicates the location of Tubarão.

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Distance Between Tubarao and Cities

List of distances from Tubarão to Brazil cities.

CityDistance to Tubarao
Joinville to Tubarao241 km
Blumenau to Tubarao172 km
Sao Jose to Tubarao32 km
Lages to Tubarao148 km
Criciuma to Tubarao42 km
Chapeco to Tubarao387 km
Itajai to Tubarao177 km
Jaragua do Sul to Tubarao220 km
Palhoca to Tubarao97 km
Brusque to Tubarao152 km
Sao Bento do Sul to Tubarao249 km
Cacador to Tubarao273 km
Concordia to Tubarao327 km
Biguacu to Tubarao114 km
Rio do Sul to Tubarao153 km
Icara to Tubarao40 km
Balneario Camboriu to Tubarao168 km
Navegantes to Tubarao178 km
Indaial to Tubarao176 km
Imbituba to Tubarao41 km
Ararangua to Tubarao71 km
Tubarao to Videira266 km
Rio Negrinho to Tubarao251 km
Mafra to Tubarao274 km
Laguna to Tubarao22 km
Canoinhas to Tubarao289 km
Itapema to Tubarao158 km
Sao Francisco do Sul to Tubarao250 km
Timbo to Tubarao185 km
Gaspar to Tubarao171 km
Tubarao to Xanxere378 km
Curitibanos to Tubarao203 km
Porto Uniao to Tubarao321 km
Capinzal to Tubarao285 km
Joacaba to Tubarao284 km
Forquilhinha to Tubarao55 km
Campos Novos to Tubarao248 km
Tijucas to Tubarao141 km
Braco do Norte to Tubarao26 km
Pomerode to Tubarao193 km
Guaramirim to Tubarao222 km
Freguesia do Ribeirao da Ilha to Tubarao94 km
Ribeirao da Ilha to Tubarao97 km
Penha to Tubarao192 km
Campinas to Tubarao105 km
Santo Amaro da Imperatriz to Tubarao89 km
Ibirama to Tubarao165 km
Barra Velha to Tubarao206 km
Orleans to Tubarao30 km
Sao Joaquim to Tubarao92 km
Schroeder to Tubarao228 km
Celso Ramos to Tubarao247 km
Trindade to Tubarao109 km
Santa Cecilia to Tubarao218 km
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