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Sumedang Utara Distances

Sumedang Utara is located in city, Indonesia at the -6.85, 107.9167 coordinates. Distance from Sumedang Utara to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Sumedang Utara. The green marker indicates the location of Sumedang Utara.

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Distance from Sumedang Utara

CityDistance to Sumedang Utara
Jakarta to Sumedang Utara138 km
Sumedang Utara to Surabaya535 km
Sumedang Utara to Medan1549 km
Bandung to Sumedang Utara33 km
Palembang to Sumedang Utara561 km
Sumedang Utara to Makassar1286 km
Semarang to Sumedang Utara277 km
Padang to Sumedang Utara1065 km
Sumedang Utara to Bandarlampung334 km
Pekanbaru to Sumedang Utara1090 km
Sumedang Utara to Yogyakarta289 km
Banjarmasin to Sumedang Utara837 km
Pontianak to Sumedang Utara774 km
Manado to Sumedang Utara2095 km
Jambi City to Sumedang Utara754 km
Denpasar to Sumedang Utara829 km
Ambon to Sumedang Utara2271 km
Samarinda to Sumedang Utara1244 km
Mataram to Sumedang Utara924 km
Bengkulu to Sumedang Utara712 km
Palu to Sumedang Utara1482 km
Kupang to Sumedang Utara1764 km
Sumedang Utara to Banda Aceh1964 km
Kendari to Sumedang Utara1647 km
Sumedang Utara to Tanjungpinang945 km
Serang to Sumedang Utara212 km
Palangkaraya to Sumedang Utara841 km
Gorontalo to Sumedang Utara1870 km
Jayapura to Sumedang Utara3665 km
Pangkalpinang to Sumedang Utara562 km
Manokwari to Sumedang Utara2977 km
Sofifi to Sumedang Utara2336 km

Distance from Sumedang Utara to Foreign Cities

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