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Sorocaba Distances

Sorocaba is located in Sao Paulo city, Brazil at the -23.5017, -47.4581 coordinates. Distance from Sorocaba to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Sorocaba to Guarulhos 94 km, to Campinas 78 km, to Sao Bernardo do Campo 93 km. The green marker indicates the location of Sorocaba.

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Distance Between Sorocaba and Cities

List of distances from Sorocaba to Brazil cities.

CityDistance to Sorocaba
Guarulhos to Sorocaba94 km
Campinas to Sorocaba78 km
Sao Bernardo do Campo to Sorocaba93 km
Osasco to Sorocaba68 km
Santo Andre to Sorocaba95 km
Ribeirao Preto to Sorocaba261 km
Sao Jose dos Campos to Sorocaba164 km
Santos to Sorocaba125 km
Diadema to Sorocaba88 km
Maua to Sorocaba103 km
Sao Jose do Rio Preto to Sorocaba358 km
Carapicuiba to Sorocaba64 km
Piracicaba to Sorocaba89 km
Itaquaquecetuba to Sorocaba113 km
Bauru to Sorocaba211 km
Mogi das Cruzes to Sorocaba129 km
Sao Vicente to Sorocaba120 km
Jundiai to Sorocaba68 km
Guaruja to Sorocaba134 km
Franca to Sorocaba330 km
Limeira to Sorocaba104 km
Sorocaba to Suzano117 km
Barueri to Sorocaba59 km
Sorocaba to Taubate201 km
Praia Grande to Sorocaba121 km
Sorocaba to Sumare78 km
Embu to Sorocaba64 km
Sorocaba to Taboao da Serra69 km
Jacarei to Sorocaba154 km
Marilia to Sorocaba292 km
Presidente Prudente to Sorocaba431 km
Sao Carlos to Sorocaba171 km
Hortolandia to Sorocaba76 km
Itapevi to Sorocaba54 km
Americana to Sorocaba86 km
Santa Barbara d'Oeste to Sorocaba83 km
Rio Claro to Sorocaba122 km
Indaiatuba to Sorocaba52 km
Cotia to Sorocaba56 km
Francisco Morato to Sorocaba77 km
Aracatuba to Sorocaba398 km
Araraquara to Sorocaba204 km
Ferraz de Vasconcelos to Sorocaba111 km
Itapecerica da Serra to Sorocaba66 km
Itu to Sorocaba31 km
Sao Caetano do Sul to Sorocaba93 km
Pindamonhangaba to Sorocaba214 km
Mogi-Gaucu to Sorocaba137 km
Itapetininga to Sorocaba61 km
Braganca Paulista to Sorocaba112 km
Jau to Sorocaba175 km
Cubatao to Sorocaba114 km
Botucatu to Sorocaba122 km
Jandira to Sorocaba57 km
Ribeirao Pires to Sorocaba109 km
Atibaia to Sorocaba102 km
Sorocaba to Varzea Paulista72 km
Catanduva to Sorocaba306 km
Franco da Rocha to Sorocaba77 km
Araras to Sorocaba128 km
Poa to Sorocaba114 km
Guaratingueta to Sorocaba244 km
Birigui to Sorocaba385 km
Barretos to Sorocaba347 km
Assis to Sorocaba316 km
Sorocaba to Votorantim5 km
Sertaozinho to Sorocaba268 km
Santana de Parnaiba to Sorocaba55 km
Salto to Sorocaba38 km
Ourinhos to Sorocaba253 km
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Jose W.N.Jr 2018-10-29 18:37:52

Votorantim is the next city plus near of Sorocaba and very charming place.

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