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Quatro Barras Distances

Quatro Barras is located in Curitiba city, Brazil at the -25.3656, -49.0769 coordinates. Distance from Quatro Barras to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Quatro Barras to Londrina 311 km, to Maringa 361 km, to Foz do Iguacu 554 km. The green marker indicates the location of Quatro Barras.

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Distance Between Quatro Barras and Cities

List of distances from Quatro Barras to Brazil cities.

CityDistance to Quatro Barras
Londrina to Quatro Barras311 km
Maringa to Quatro Barras361 km
Foz do Iguacu to Quatro Barras554 km
Ponta Grossa to Quatro Barras113 km
Cascavel to Quatro Barras443 km
Colombo to Quatro Barras17 km
Guarapuava to Quatro Barras240 km
Paranagua to Quatro Barras58 km
Quatro Barras to Sao Jose dos Pinhais23 km
Quatro Barras to Toledo476 km
Pinhais to Quatro Barras15 km
Araucaria to Quatro Barras42 km
Apucarana to Quatro Barras315 km
Arapongas to Quatro Barras321 km
Campo Largo to Quatro Barras47 km
Cambe to Quatro Barras322 km
Quatro Barras to Umuarama465 km
Almirante Tamandare to Quatro Barras24 km
Quatro Barras to Sarandi355 km
Campo Mourao to Quatro Barras365 km
Paranavai to Quatro Barras428 km
Pato Branco to Quatro Barras372 km
Quatro Barras to Telemaco Borba194 km
Francisco Beltrao to Quatro Barras406 km
Cianorte to Quatro Barras404 km
Quatro Barras to Rolandia326 km
Quatro Barras to Uniao da Vitoria223 km
Irati to Quatro Barras158 km
Ibipora to Quatro Barras307 km
Marechal Candido Rondon to Quatro Barras510 km
Castro to Quatro Barras114 km
Piraquara to Quatro Barras9 km
Palmas to Quatro Barras317 km
Mandaguari to Quatro Barras331 km
Quatro Barras to Santo Antonio da Platina252 km
Jacarezinho to Quatro Barras261 km
Paicandu to Quatro Barras368 km
Medianeira to Quatro Barras504 km
Campina Grande do Sul to Quatro Barras7 km
Jaguariaiva to Quatro Barras140 km
Bandeirantes to Quatro Barras283 km
Itaperucu to Quatro Barras32 km
Quatro Barras to Rio Branco do Sul31 km
Marialva to Quatro Barras345 km
Ibaiti to Quatro Barras203 km
Lapa to Quatro Barras78 km
Quatro Barras to Sao Mateus do Sul143 km
Palotina to Quatro Barras495 km
Quatro Barras to Rio Negro109 km
Dois Vizinhos to Quatro Barras401 km
Cambara to Quatro Barras277 km
Colorado to Quatro Barras407 km
Astorga to Quatro Barras354 km
Imbituva to Quatro Barras154 km
Prudentopolis to Quatro Barras192 km
Guaratuba to Quatro Barras76 km
Pitanga to Quatro Barras279 km
Palmeira to Quatro Barras94 km
Laranjeiras do Sul to Quatro Barras335 km
Loanda to Quatro Barras493 km
Jandaia do Sul to Quatro Barras325 km
Pirai do Sul to Quatro Barras128 km
Antonina to Quatro Barras37 km
Coronel Vivida to Quatro Barras356 km
Quatro Barras to Wenceslau Braz181 km
Quatro Barras to Sao Miguel do Iguacu519 km
Pinhao to Quatro Barras262 km
Cruzeiro do Oeste to Quatro Barras441 km
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