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Parvatipuram Distances

Parvatipuram is located in city, India at the 18.783, 83.4267 coordinates. Distance from Parvatipuram to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Pārvatīpuram to Visakhapatnam 125 km, to Vijayawada 389 km, to Guntur 419 km. The green marker indicates the location of Pārvatīpuram.

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Distance Between Parvatipuram and Cities

List of distances from Pārvatīpuram to India cities.

CityDistance to Parvatipuram
Parvatipuram to Visakhapatnam125 km
Parvatipuram to Vijayawada389 km
Guntur to Parvatipuram419 km
Nellore to Parvatipuram605 km
Parvatipuram to Rajahmundry264 km
Kakinada to Parvatipuram239 km
Gajuwaka to Parvatipuram122 km
Parvatipuram to Tirupati714 km
Anantapur to Parvatipuram770 km
Machilipatnam to Parvatipuram377 km
Eluru to Parvatipuram337 km
Parvatipuram to Vizianagaram74 km
Parvatipuram to Proddatur686 km
Ongole to Parvatipuram511 km
Nandyal to Parvatipuram640 km
Adoni to Parvatipuram742 km
Bhimavaram to Parvatipuram321 km
Hindupur to Parvatipuram839 km
Cuddapah to Parvatipuram685 km
Guntakal to Parvatipuram759 km
Parvatipuram to Srikakulam73 km
Gudivada to Parvatipuram367 km
Dharmavaram to Parvatipuram778 km
Madanapalle to Parvatipuram784 km
Parvatipuram to Tadepallegudem297 km
Narasaraopet to Parvatipuram457 km
Chilakalurupet to Parvatipuram457 km
Parvatipuram to Tadpatri719 km
Chirala to Parvatipuram463 km
Anakapalle to Parvatipuram129 km
Kavali to Parvatipuram564 km
Kadiri to Parvatipuram765 km
Parvatipuram to Rayachoti724 km
Emmiganuru to Parvatipuram714 km
Gudur to Parvatipuram641 km
Bapatla to Parvatipuram448 km
Parvatipuram to Tanuku291 km
Attili to Parvatipuram302 km
Palasa to Parvatipuram104 km
Chinnachowk to Parvatipuram685 km
Markapur to Parvatipuram556 km
Parvatipuram to Vinukonda495 km
Parvatipuram to Rayadrug834 km
Mangalagiri to Parvatipuram403 km
Narasapur to Parvatipuram319 km
Palakollu to Parvatipuram310 km
Parvatipuram to Ponnuru429 km
Ponnur to Parvatipuram429 km
Parvatipuram to Samalkot234 km
Kandukur to Parvatipuram546 km
Parvatipuram to Sattenapalle437 km
Nuzvid to Parvatipuram352 km
Bobbili to Parvatipuram24 km
Parvatipuram to Pithapuram223 km
Amalapuram to Parvatipuram288 km
Parvatipuram to Tuni184 km
Macherla to Parvatipuram494 km
Parvatipuram to Salur38 km
Parvatipuram to Punganuru795 km
Mandapeta to Parvatipuram266 km
Parvatipuram to Peddapuram234 km
Nayudupeta to Parvatipuram660 km
Parlakimidi to Parvatipuram70 km
Nandikotkur to Parvatipuram637 km
Bhimunipatnam to Parvatipuram99 km
Nidadavole to Parvatipuram279 km
Jammalamadugu to Parvatipuram692 km
Parvatipuram to Polavaram255 km
Kanuru to Parvatipuram361 km
Parvatipuram to Ramachandrapuram262 km
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