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Paraty Distances

Paraty is located in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil at the -23.2178, -44.7131 coordinates. Distance from Paraty to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Paraty to Nova Iguacu 139 km, to Duque de Caxias 151 km, to Belford Roxo 144 km. The green marker indicates the location of Paraty.

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Distance Between Paraty and Cities

List of distances from Paraty to Brazil cities.

CityDistance to Paraty
Nova Iguacu to Paraty139 km
Duque de Caxias to Paraty151 km
Belford Roxo to Paraty144 km
Niteroi to Paraty169 km
Paraty to Sao Joao de Meriti145 km
Campos to Paraty384 km
Paraty to Petropolis176 km
Paraty to Volta Redonda99 km
Itaborai to Paraty197 km
Barra Mansa to Paraty93 km
Angra dos Reis to Paraty47 km
Nova Friburgo to Paraty247 km
Nilopolis to Paraty141 km
Macae to Paraty314 km
Paraty to Queimados131 km
Paraty to Teresopolis199 km
Paraty to Resende88 km
Araruama to Paraty246 km
Cabo Frio to Paraty277 km
Itaguai to Paraty104 km
Paraty to Rio das Ostras294 km
Japeri to Paraty126 km
Barra do Pirai to Paraty123 km
Itaperuna to Paraty367 km
Marica to Paraty197 km
Paraty to Tres Rios197 km
Paraty to Saquarema228 km
Paraty to Valenca150 km
Paraty to Sao Pedro da Aldeia270 km
Paraty to Seropedica116 km
Cachoeiras de Macacu to Paraty227 km
Paracambi to Paraty123 km
Paraty to Rio Bonito223 km
Paraiba do Sul to Paraty187 km
Paraty to Santo Antonio de Padua320 km
Guapimirim to Paraty193 km
Bom Jesus do Itabapoana to Paraty389 km
Paraty to Sao Fidelis351 km
Mangaratiba to Paraty75 km
Miracema to Paraty328 km
Arraial do Cabo to Paraty276 km
Miguel Pereira to Paraty153 km
Paraty to Tangua212 km
Armacao de Buzios to Paraty295 km
Paraty to Vassouras141 km
Paraty to Paty do Alferes159 km
Paraty to Sao Joao da Barra415 km
Paraty to Pinheiral107 km
Paraty to Pirai106 km
Casimiro de Abreu to Paraty270 km
Mendes to Paraty126 km
Paraty to Silva Jardim246 km
Itaocara to Paraty321 km
Cordeiro to Paraty275 km
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