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Palmares Distances

Palmares is located in Recife city, Brazil at the -8.6833, -35.5917 coordinates. Distance from Palmares to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Palmares to Jaboatao 86 km, to Jaboatao dos Guararapes 90 km, to Olinda 110 km. The green marker indicates the location of Palmares.

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Distance Between Palmares and Cities

List of distances from Palmares to Brazil cities.

CityDistance to Palmares
Jaboatao to Palmares86 km
Jaboatao dos Guararapes to Palmares90 km
Olinda to Palmares110 km
Palmares to Paulista114 km
Caruaru to Palmares61 km
Palmares to Petrolina545 km
Cabo to Palmares76 km
Garanhuns to Palmares102 km
Palmares to Vitoria de Santo Antao71 km
Palmares to Sao Lourenco da Mata99 km
Igarassu to Palmares121 km
Abreu e Lima to Palmares114 km
Palmares to Santa Cruz do Capibaribe105 km
Carpina to Palmares100 km
Gravata to Palmares54 km
Arcoverde to Palmares163 km
Ipojuca to Palmares66 km
Bezerros to Palmares55 km
Palmares to Serra Talhada308 km
Belo Jardim to Palmares99 km
Escada to Palmares54 km
Moreno to Palmares83 km
Palmares to Timbauba134 km
Goiana to Palmares141 km
Limoeiro to Palmares91 km
Palmares to Salgueiro394 km
Palmares to Pesqueira127 km
Palmares to Sirinhaem53 km
Araripina to Palmares554 km
Barreiros to Palmares47 km
Palmares to Surubim96 km
Palmares to Ribeirao30 km
Ouricuri to Palmares502 km
Bom Conselho to Palmares131 km
Brejo da Madre de Deus to Palmares105 km
Nazare da Mata to Palmares112 km
Lajedo to Palmares80 km
Afogados da Ingazeira to Palmares248 km
Palmares to Toritama91 km
Catende to Palmares14 km
Aguas Belas to Palmares175 km
Palmares to Jatoba299 km
Buique to Palmares172 km
Condado to Palmares133 km
Gameleira to Palmares25 km
Palmares to Trindade525 km
Cupira to Palmares40 km
Palmares to Sao Jose do Egito229 km
Palmares to Sertania196 km
Custodia to Palmares235 km
Floresta to Palmares327 km
Palmares to Tamandare55 km
Lagoa do Itaenga to Palmares89 km
Gloria do Goita to Palmares83 km
Cha Grande to Palmares52 km
Palmares to Tabira246 km
Itapissuma to Palmares127 km
Amaraji to Palmares37 km
Agua Preta to Palmares7 km
Ipubi to Palmares515 km
Cabrobo to Palmares409 km
Palmares to Pombos64 km
Palmares to Rio Formoso47 km

Distance from Palmares to Foreign Cities

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