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Nar'yan-Mar Distances

Nar'yan-Mar city is located in Russia at the 67.6387, 53.0037 coordinates. Distance from Nar'yan-Mar to cities are listed below, also there are 0 sub cities within Nar'yan-Mar, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Nar'yan-Mar to Moscow 1541 km, to Saint Petersburg 1392 km, to Novosibirsk 2086 km. The green marker indicates the location of Nar'yan-Mar.

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Distance Between Nar'yan-Mar and Cities

List of distances from Nar'yan-Mar to Russia cities.

CityDistance to Nar'yan-Mar
Moscow to Nar'yan-Mar1541 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Saint Petersburg1392 km
Novosibirsk to Nar'yan-Mar2086 km
Yekaterinburg to Nar'yan-Mar1260 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Nizhniy Novgorod1339 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Samara1613 km
Omsk to Nar'yan-Mar1760 km
Kazan to Nar'yan-Mar1333 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Rostov-na-Donu2392 km
Chelyabinsk to Nar'yan-Mar1456 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Ufa1442 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Volgograd2157 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Perm1083 km
Krasnoyarsk to Nar'yan-Mar2396 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Saratov1830 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Voronezh1927 km
Krasnodar to Nar'yan-Mar2642 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Ulyanovsk1500 km
Izhevsk to Nar'yan-Mar1200 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Yaroslavl1294 km
Barnaul to Nar'yan-Mar2270 km
Vladivostok to Nar'yan-Mar5195 km
Irkutsk to Nar'yan-Mar3190 km
Khabarovsk to Nar'yan-Mar4820 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Orenburg1768 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Ryazan'1606 km
Tyumen to Nar'yan-Mar1327 km
Lipetsk to Nar'yan-Mar1821 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Penza1661 km
Astrakhan' to Nar'yan-Mar2384 km
Makhachkala to Nar'yan-Mar2762 km
Tomsk to Nar'yan-Mar2037 km
Kemerovo to Nar'yan-Mar2181 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Tula1700 km
Kirov to Nar'yan-Mar1019 km
Cheboksary to Nar'yan-Mar1313 km
Kaliningrad to Nar'yan-Mar2214 km
Bryansk to Nar'yan-Mar1881 km
Ivanovo to Nar'yan-Mar1331 km
Kursk to Nar'yan-Mar1989 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Tver1480 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Stavropol'2594 km
Ulan-Ude to Nar'yan-Mar3371 km
Arkhangel'sk to Nar'yan-Mar657 km
Belgorod to Nar'yan-Mar2097 km
Kurgan to Nar'yan-Mar1498 km
Kaluga to Nar'yan-Mar1700 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Orel1865 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Smolensk1799 km
Murmansk to Nar'yan-Mar828 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Vladikavkaz2780 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Vologda1136 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Vladimir1433 km
Chita to Nar'yan-Mar3602 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Saransk1552 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Tambov1770 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Yoshkar-Ola1251 km
Kostroma to Nar'yan-Mar1254 km
Nal'chik to Nar'yan-Mar2741 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Petrozavodsk1092 km
Yakutsk to Nar'yan-Mar3439 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Syktyvkar671 km
Groznyy to Nar'yan-Mar2740 km
Blagoveshchensk to Nar'yan-Mar4346 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Velikiy Novgorod1477 km
Nar'yan-Mar to Pskov1645 km
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Nar'yan-Mar5267 km
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Nar'yan-Mar5269 km
Abakan to Nar'yan-Mar2535 km
Maykop to Nar'yan-Mar2670 km

Distance from Nar'yan-Mar to Foreign Cities

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