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Mariendorf Distances

Mariendorf is located in Berlin city, Germany at the 52.4378, 13.3811 coordinates. Distance from Mariendorf to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Mariendorf to Prenzlauer Berg Bezirk 12 km, to Bezirk Kreuzberg 7 km, to Charlottenburg Bezirk 11 km. The green marker indicates the location of Mariendorf.

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Distance Between Mariendorf and Cities

List of distances from Mariendorf to Germany cities.

CityDistance to Mariendorf
Mariendorf to Prenzlauer Berg Bezirk12 km
Bezirk Kreuzberg to Mariendorf7 km
Charlottenburg Bezirk to Mariendorf11 km
Friedrichshain Bezirk to Mariendorf10 km
Berlin Schoeneberg to Mariendorf6 km
Mariendorf to Schoneberg Bezirk4 km
Mariendorf to Marzahn17 km
Mariendorf to Wilmersdorf Bezirk7 km
Gesundbrunnen to Mariendorf13 km
Mitte to Mariendorf9 km
Lichterfelde to Mariendorf5 km
Mariendorf to Wedding Bezirk12 km
Mariendorf to Reinickendorf15 km
Hellersdorf to Mariendorf19 km
Mariendorf to Steglitz Bezirk4 km
Mariendorf to Moabit10 km
Kopenick Bezirk to Mariendorf13 km
Berlin Koepenick to Mariendorf14 km
Mariendorf to Zehlendorf Bezirk9 km
Mariendorf to Pankow15 km
Mariendorf to Tempelhof Bezirk3 km
Neu-Hohenschoenhausen to Mariendorf17 km
Berlin Treptow to Mariendorf8 km
Lichtenrade to Mariendorf5 km
Friedrichsfelde to Mariendorf11 km
Mariendorf to Weissensee14 km
Alt-Hohenschoenhausen to Mariendorf15 km
Mariendorf to Staaken19 km
Lankwitz to Mariendorf2 km
Mariendorf to Rudow7 km
Britz to Mariendorf4 km
Mariendorf to Westend11 km
Buckow to Mariendorf5 km
Mariendorf to Wilhelmstadt17 km
Gropiusstadt to Mariendorf6 km
Falkenhagener Feld to Mariendorf19 km
Mariendorf to Markisches Viertel18 km
Spandau to Mariendorf18 km
Mariendorf to Tegel16 km
Lichtenberg to Mariendorf12 km
Fennpfuhl to Mariendorf12 km
Mariendorf to Marienfelde2 km
Mariendorf to Wittenau18 km
Mariendorf to Niederschonhausen16 km
Friedenau to Mariendorf5 km
Mahlsdorf to Mariendorf18 km
Hakenfelde to Mariendorf18 km
Altglienicke to Mariendorf11 km
Biesdorf to Mariendorf14 km
Karlshorst to Mariendorf11 km
Mariendorf to Rummelsburg10 km
Mariendorf to Schmargendorf7 km
Buchholz to Mariendorf19 km
Mariendorf to Oberschoneweide10 km
Karow to Mariendorf20 km
Kaulsdorf to Mariendorf17 km
Johannisthal to Mariendorf9 km
Charlottenburg-Nord to Mariendorf12 km
Heiligensee to Mariendorf22 km
Friedrichshagen to Mariendorf17 km
Baumschulenweg to Mariendorf8 km
Frohnau to Mariendorf23 km
Mariendorf to Nikolassee12 km
Hermsdorf to Mariendorf20 km
Dahlem to Mariendorf7 km
Adlershof to Mariendorf11 km
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