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La Jolla Distances

La Jolla is located in Sacramento city, United States at the 32.8473, -117.2742 coordinates. Distance from La Jolla to other cities. are listed below, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from La Jolla to Los Angeles 161 km, to San Diego 18 km, to San Jose 653 km. The green marker indicates the location of La Jolla.

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Distance Between La Jolla and Cities

List of distances from La Jolla to United States cities.

CityDistance to La Jolla
Los Angeles to La Jolla161 km
San Diego to La Jolla18 km
San Jose to La Jolla653 km
San Francisco to La Jolla720 km
La Jolla to Fresno490 km
Long Beach to La Jolla133 km
Oakland to La Jolla713 km
La Jolla to Bakersfield324 km
La Jolla to Anaheim125 km
Santa Ana to La Jolla114 km
Riverside to La Jolla124 km
Stockton to La Jolla675 km
La Jolla to Chula Vista29 km
La Jolla to Fremont676 km
La Jolla to Irvine105 km
San Bernardino to La Jolla140 km
North Glendale to La Jolla172 km
Modesto to La Jolla631 km
Oxnard to La Jolla232 km
La Jolla to Fontana139 km
Moreno Valley to La Jolla121 km
La Jolla to Glendale170 km
La Jolla to Huntington Beach113 km
Oxnard Shores to La Jolla236 km
Santa Clarita to La Jolla208 km
La Jolla to Garden Grove120 km
Santa Rosa to La Jolla792 km
La Jolla to Hollywood170 km
Oceanside to La Jolla40 km
Rancho Cucamonga to La Jolla143 km
Lancaster to La Jolla221 km
La Jolla to Elk Grove721 km
Palmdale to La Jolla208 km
La Jolla to Corona117 km
Salinas to La Jolla584 km
Pomona to La Jolla141 km
Valencia to La Jolla216 km
Torrance to La Jolla148 km
La Jolla to Hayward691 km
La Jolla to Escondido35 km
Sunnyvale to La Jolla663 km
Pasadena to La Jolla166 km
Van Nuys to La Jolla184 km
Orange to La Jolla118 km
La Jolla to Fullerton129 km
Thousand Oaks to La Jolla207 km
La Jolla to East Los Angeles155 km
Visalia to La Jolla429 km
Simi Valley to La Jolla211 km
La Jolla to Concord715 km
Roseville to La Jolla750 km
Santa Clara to La Jolla657 km
Vallejo to La Jolla738 km
Victorville to La Jolla188 km
La Jolla to El Monte153 km
La Jolla to Berkeley719 km
La Jolla to Downey145 km
La Jolla to Costa Mesa107 km
La Jolla to Inglewood159 km
West Covina to La Jolla149 km
Norwalk to La Jolla139 km
La Jolla to Carlsbad35 km
La Jolla to Fairfield739 km
Universal City to La Jolla175 km
Richmond to La Jolla729 km
Murrieta to La Jolla79 km
La Jolla to Burbank177 km
La Jolla to Antioch705 km
La Jolla to Daly City716 km
Temecula to La Jolla73 km
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